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Brandon Savage's Blog:
Build Systems Relevancy of Automated Builds In A Web World
January 11, 2010 @ 14:03:19

In this new post from Brandon Savage he looks at automated build tools and how they're more relevant now than ever in your application's lifecycle.

Build systems are just as relevant to the web (if not more so) than they are to compiled code. Build systems offer significant advantages to the development of software applications, and it is crucial that developers not take them for granted.

He suggests a few reasons to those naysayers out there as to why build processes and tools are pertinent to web development:

  • Build systems make continuous integration easier.
  • Build systems ensure that the same process is followed each and every time when making a release.
  • With a one-step system, errors are reduced.
  • Creating a build system reenforces the entire development process.
  • A build system introduces formality to the release process.
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