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PHP Zeitgeist 2010: What PHP developers have been looking for in the last year?
Jan 04, 2011 @ 11:19:01

On the PHPClasses.org blog there's a new post sharing their own PHP Zeitgeist of the terms that were of most interest to their visitors in 2010.

Since last year, the PHPClasses site started publishing trends about what PHP developers have been looking for in this site. This is an initiative that is repeated every year. It is similar to Google Zeitgeist, except that instead of analyzing Google user searches, it analyzes searches done by PHP developers on this site.

A lot of the results aren't surprising given the current state of things on the web - terms like "andriod", "mongodb", "html5" and "facebook" all make appearances. Manuel looks at a few of the tops results and gets a bit more specific on each, citing a few reasons why visitors might have been searching.

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