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Strattonbrazil's Blog:
php to python Why PHP is now dead to me
February 03, 2011 @ 08:16:04

On their Blogspot blog today strattonbrazil talks about why they now find PHP boring as compared to other languages and is "dead to them" in future development.

After a brief scan of various PHP support sites, PHP development outside the realm of web development is basically negligible. I see no reason, in fact, besides some amazing library I might not be aware of, for me to use PHP for a non-web-based application.

They also share some opinions about the language itself - the syntax is ugly, using "arrows" to reference data, global functions to work with data types instead of a more OOP approach and a few more. They talk about the MVC frameworks that have grown up recently around the language and some of the templating libraries that have come with them. There's also a few things they'll miss like the excellent documentation and that it's so ubiquitous.

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