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Kenny Katzgrau's Blog:
Video How Uses CodeIgniter Sparks
March 17, 2011 @ 13:28:43

In a new recent to his CodeFury blog Kenny Katzgrau (a member of the GetSparks team) looks at how to use the service to get "sparks" for your CodeIgniter installation and make working with third-party services and other tools not included with the framework simple.

If you aren't already familiar, a package manager and repository for CodeIgniter libraries was released last week at In the few days between then and now, some very interesting and useful packages have been submitted. There's one for combining, minifying and caching assets, one for database scaffolding, viewing logs, geocoding, template-ing, etc.

A screencast is included showing his in-depth look into the service and how easy it is to use. He also points to the service's twitter account and github repository.

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