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Stefan Koopmanschap's Blog:
Using git-svn with Symfony2's deps installer
April 03, 2012 @ 10:52:52

In this latest post to his blog Stefan Koopmanschap shares a quick tip about using the git-svn tool with the dependency installer in a Symfony2-based application.

I work a lot with Symfony2's deps file for installing 3rd party bundles into my project (yeah I know, I should be using Composer, right?). This works really well when working with pure Git. However, when you're not using Git on it's own but instead use git-svn, you may run into some issues when issuing git svn dcommit,

One issue relates to a "Failed to read object" error that could come up during the push. His solution involves a few steps (manual ones) to prepare those bundle directories and make it easier to push the rest of your changes. He also includes a few links to other resources that he found around the same topic.

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