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Jani Hartikainen's Blog:
5 ways how PHP is better than Node.js
April 25, 2012 @ 09:13:50

In what's sure to be a "flame bait" kind of post, Jani Hartikainen has posted five reasons PHP is better than Node.js - some simple one-liners and others a bit more complicated.

All hail Node.js! Boo PHP! Except there are various things where PHP is better than Node…

His five reasons are:

  • Easier to find hosting
  • It's easier to get started with PHP
  • If your PHP code breaks, it doesn't bring your whole server down
  • PHP processes are short lived
  • Bigger standard library

There's a few comments on the post already, one noting that some of the points could be turned around to make PHP fall more on the "bad" side.

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