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Managing Class Dependencies Dependency Injection, Service Locators & Factories, Pt 2
June 28, 2012 @ 10:58:15 has posted the second part of Alejandro Gervasio's series looking at dependency injection, service locators and factories. In this new part of the series, he picks back up with his look at these patterns and how they can reduce your dependencies on things like "new" even more.

While it's fair to admit that factories do have a neat niche in a number of special use cases, I'm not so merciless as to condemn Service Locators and plain Dependency Injection to an unfair exile. In this final part we'll take a closer look at the implementation of these popular patterns so that you can pick up the one that best suits the need at hand.

He talks some about "class collaborators" as used in service locators and using it in his FileStorage example to find and use pre-created objects. He compares this method with a more simple dependency injection approach, noting that not only is it simpler to maintain but also can cause less overhead required for the DIC.

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