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Codeception Blog:
The Locator Class
September 27, 2012 @ 09:50:34

The Codeception blog (a BDD testing tool) has a new post on using their Locator class to create more complex tests based on XPath or CSS selectors.

In the latest Codeception 1.1.4 new Locator class was introduced. Basically it should simplify your life in writing complex XPath or CSS locators. Right now it has minimal, yet useful functionality.

The post shows how to combine more than one item for location with either a tag, CSS-based or XPath-based selector. It also shows how to use the "tabindex" method to simulate the movement through a page using the "Tab" key. Finally, there's a quick piece of code showing how to locate an item based on the "href" value. For more information on using Codeception, check out their documentation or the project's main site.

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