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Community News:
Latest PECL Releases for 03.19.2013
Mar 19, 2013 @ 07:06:18

Latest PECL Releases:

  • mysqlnd_ms 1.5.0 First release of the 1.5 series

  • mongo 1.3.5 ** Improvement * [PHP-665] - Add support for MongoDB 2.4 auth source

  • CUBRID Changed and Enhanced Features:
    1. APIS-417: Add the support of binding ENUM type data in CUBRID PHP driver.
    2. Enable cci_connect_ex(), cci_connect_with_url_ex(), escape_string() APIs for Windows platform.
    3. Update the urls infomation in README.

    Fixed bugs:

    1. APIS-397: fix the NULL type support in PHP driver.
    2. APIS-434: fix memory leak when using cubrid_insert_id() in Windows platform.
    3. APIS-185: Update the error message when the connection is failed.
    4. APIS-459: When querying the column info, return "unknown" instead of error for unknown type.

  • PDO_CUBRID Changed and Enhanced Features:
    1. APIS-418: add the ENUM support in PDO driver.
    2. APIS-404: update the urls in README.
    3. APIS-435: use cci_get_last_insert_id() instead of cci_last_insert_id().

    Fixed bugs:

    1. APIS-392: change the phpinfo field from 'Supported CUBRID server' to 'CCI Version' and fix its value.
    2. APIS-401: improve the invoking of cci_disconnect.
    3. APIS-435: remove free() in the insert_id function for Windows platform.

  • event 1.4.0 Add: HTTP server support: * EventHttp methods: setMaxBodySize, setMaxHeadersSize, setTimeout, addServerAlias, removeServerAlias setCallback, setDefaultCallback, setAllowedMethods, setMaxBodySize, setMaxHeadersSize, setTimeout, addServerAlias, removeServerAlias; * EventHttpRequest class, callback and custom data can be bound to the request for future use with EventHttpConnection * New EventHttpConnection::makeRequest method allows to make custom HTTP requests by means of EventHttpRequest class Change: make EventDnsBase parameter optional in EventHttpConnection::__construct Fix: classes/buffer_event.c: possible memory access violation in bufferevent callback Fix: turn off buggy libevent thread lock debugging when built with --enable-event-debug

  • mysqlnd_qc 1.2.0 New branch