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Latest PECL Releases for 04.30.2013
Apr 30, 2013 @ 07:00:38

Latest PECL Releases:

  • redis 2.2.3 First public release

  • zip 1.12.1 - fix build on some linux - fix zip_set_file_compression

  • pq 0.2.0 * Fixed pqResult::fetchCol() * Fixed type handling of boolean/double input parameters. * Added extented type handling of result parameters if PostgreSQL server headers are present. * Implemented get_properties() object handler.

  • mongo 1.4.0beta1 ** Bug * [PHP-296] - Many of the zend_hash_find calls for options etc do not check or convert correctly for datatype issues. * [PHP-316] - When using replica sets and setSlaveOkay queries slow if a secondary is down... * [PHP-371] - Replication connection string hangs for quite some time when a machine that is listed is physically down * [PHP-447] - Inconsistent error for unsupported database commands on mongod and mongos * [PHP-508] - Change BSON ID generation to use random "increment" * [PHP-554] - MongoId should not get constructed when passing in an invalid ID. * [PHP-651] - Slow connection to the replica set with one member down * [PHP-653] - is_master() failing with mongodb <= 1.8.3 * [PHP-664] - Add support for SSL and certificate validation * [PHP-675] - Test for PHP-511 broken * [PHP-686] - Constant attempt to reconnect to a down server takes too long * [PHP-693] - MongoCursor timeout not used when reading data * [PHP-696] - mongo_io_wait_with_timeout() waits 10 seconds instead of one for "no socket timeout" * [PHP-698] - Segmentation Fault - in mongo_deregister_callback_from_connection when calling MongoClient->close() * [PHP-704] - Incorrect failure checks for stream reads * [PHP-707] - Replication with 1.8 does not work * [PHP-715] - Crash in PHP driver on Apache * [PHP-717] - (Almost) All tests leak and has a unconditional jump * [PHP-718] - ZTS Broken in master * [PHP-723] - Possibly invalid read in MongoCollection getter * [PHP-731] - Memory leak during failover * [PHP-732] - Improve error message during failover * [PHP-734] - Possible segfaults when error_message is not set * [PHP-735] - Queries/commands to mongos should inherit read preferences from MongoDB and MongoCollection objects * [PHP-736] - MongoClient connection fails if RP tags match nothing * [PHP-737] - Missing RP tags parse error message using MongoClient options array * [PHP-741] - Passive replicaset members (priority=0) not used for secondary reads * [PHP-746] - The getBytes method may return random data in particular conditions. * [PHP-748] - Add vim modelines * [PHP-751] - When a secondary goes into recovery mode, we should disconnect from it * [PHP-759] - Write operations apply ReadPreferenceTags when finding primary * [PHP-770] - Missing error code for "field names must be strings" MongoException * [PHP-779] - Cannot read from secondaries when connecting directly (standalone connection)

    ** Improvement * [PHP-437] - Update ZEND_MODULE_API_NO to use PHP_VERSION_ID to be more clear * [PHP-572] - Add support for "journal" and "fsync" connection string options * [PHP-702] - DOC - Support the autoIndexId option for createCollection * [PHP-738] - Add replica set tags to test suite * [PHP-745] - Add Replicaset Tags to sharding test suite * [PHP-749] - Improve fragile checks for max_message_size in tests * [PHP-771] - Time expectations mongo.is_master_interval test are fragile

    ** New Feature * [PHP-303] - Support the autoIndexId option for createCollection * [PHP-490] - "nolock" option in MongoDB::execute method * [PHP-716] - Allow cursor to report chosen RS member

    ** Task * [PHP-496] - Added a few examples to MongoDB::runCommand() for more examples * [PHP-506] - Ensure Mongo constructor casts passwords to strings * [PHP-537] - Update limits according to default (16MB) or server info (maxMessageSizeBytes) * [PHP-542] - Put all exception classes into their own file(s) * [PHP-563] - Strongly advise users not to create immortal MongoCursors * [PHP-610] - Remove the mongo.utf8 setting * [PHP-674] - Remove mention of OSX/Windows GitHub downloads from documentation * [PHP-694] - Split out types and gridfs classes into their own files. * [PHP-695] - Remove mention of PHPUnit from documentation * [PHP-725] - Re-organise option parsing in mcon/parse.c

    ** Sub-task * [PHP-767] - Create prototypes for GridFS classes * [PHP-768] - Create prototypes for MongoCollection class