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Latest PECL Releases for 06.04.2013
Jun 04, 2013 @ 07:09:22

Latest PECL Releases:

  • mongo 1.4.1 ** Bug * [PHP-814] - Passing in invalid MongoDB to MongoDBRef::get() segfaults * [PHP-816] - MongoCursor doesn't validate the namespace * [PHP-827] - Segfault on connect when database name starts with an X * [PHP-829] - Crash when connecting to replicaSet without passive hosts * [PHP-846] - Connecting to Unix Domain sockets is impossible

    ** Improvement * [PHP-747] - Improve numeric check for write concern option * [PHP-755] - Support CursorNotFound query flag * [PHP-756] - Support QueryFailure query response flag

    ** Task * [PHP-551] - Update "writes" documentation to cover all WriteConcerns arguments (from the connection string) as well. * [PHP-836] - Fix more for-type tests after finding with hash_find * [PHP-839] - Look at inclusion of config-w32.h and config.h in package

  • intl 3.0.0 - Fixed build on PHP 5.5+. - Bring error reporting in converter more in line with the rest. - Fix parameter parsing in Uconverter::convert() for PHP 5.5. - Fix intlcal_get_time_zone() not setting local error. - Fix arginfo for BreakIterator::getLocale(). - Fixed compiler warnings.

  • gender 1.0.0 * fixed clone breakage of other objects * fixed thread unsafety in country data handling * fixed bug #64740 Gender ignores country for some names

  • BLENC 1.1.1b Upgraded to works with latest PHP version

  • BLENC 1.1.0b Upgraded to works with latest PHP version

  • apn 1.0.1 - Initial release

  • apn 1.0.2 - Fixed package.xml

  • Judy 1.0.0 - First stable release based on 0.1.6 beta

  • amqp 1.2.0 1.2.0 Release: * New methods AMQPChannel::getPrefetchCount() and AMQPChannel::getPrefetchSize() * Deprecate AMQPQueue::declare() in favor of AMQPQueue::declareQueue() * Deprecate AMQPExchange::declare() in favor of AMQPExchange::declareExchange() * Smaller fixes to our stubs
    For a complete list of changes see:

    1.0.10 Release: * report correct version in module info (Lars Strojny) * fix class interface definitions (Vladimir Kartaviy) * add ability to bind a queue with an empty routing key (Vladimir Kartaviy) * fix constant AMQP_IFUNUSED (Florin Patan, Bernhard Weisshuhn) * added stubs for ide use (Vladimir Kartaviy, Bernhard Weisshuhn) * Fixed memory leak in queue->declareQueue (Ilya a.k.a. coodix) * support for php 5.5 (Lars Strojny) * add support for read and write timeouts (Bogdan Padalko) * fix memory leak in queue->consume (Dmitry Vinogradov) * add support for custom exchange types (empi89) * support for nested custom headers (Bernhard Weisshuhn) * fix memory (Bernhard Weisshuhn)

    For a complete list of changes see:

    1.0.9 Release: * Fix pecl relase

    1.0.8 Release: * Skip var_dump test on PHP 5.2 * Initialize consumer tag string length to zero * Support connection time outs * Adding consumer_tag parameter to AMQPQueue::cancel * Clean up error code handling

    1.0.6 Release: * 62354: Segmentation fault when printing or dumping an object that contains an AMQP object * Adding in missing tests * Fixing release number in PHP information * Adding .gitignore info for Git users * Cleaning up debug handling

    1.0.5 Release: * 62696: Incorrect exchange type * Handles server connections being closed during consume and publish correctly * 62628: Exception thrown in consume will lock PHP * 61533: Segmentation fault when instantiating channel, queue or exchange with wrong object, then using it

    1.0.4 Release: * 62549: Fixing broken persistent connection * 62412: Fixing segfault due to destruction order * 62411: Fixing declaration overload bug * 62410: Fixing declaration overload for 5.4 * 61337: Adding License file * 61749: Fixing handling for binary content in envelope * 62087: Adding appropriate version information * 62354: Enabling debugging dumping of objects * 61351: Updating min PHP version requirements to 5.2.0

    1.0.3 Release: * Fixing compilation issue with PHP 5.4

    1.0.2 Release: Fixed bug: * Memory leak when using AMQPQueue::get from a queue with no messages

    1.0.1 Release: Fixed bug: * 61247: Allow queue creation with empty queue name, and return auto generated name * 61127: Segmentation fault when cleaning up an AMQPChannel without calling AMQPConnection::connect first

    1.0.0 Release: Changed/finalized API signature: * Exposing AMQPChannel * Exposing AMQPEnvelope * Exposing more queue and exchange arguments and flags * Exposing basic.qos Added persistent connections Cleaned up codebase Fixed memory leaks and segmentation faults

    0.3.1 Release: Fixed bug: * 24323: Cannot get the name for auto-named reply-to queues

    0.3.0 Release: Fixed memory leaks in many functions (courtesy Jonathan Tansavatdi and Andy Wick) Fixed consume method to return proper values Cleaned up variable usage Fixed bugs: * 22638: Unexpected exit code 1 with AMQPQueue::consume() * 22698: AMQPQueue::consume

    0.2.2 Release: Made extension compatible with PHP lt 5.3 (courtesy John Skopis) Fixed wrong typing of message properties (courtesy John Skopis)

    0.2.1 Release: Fixed refcount decrementing bug causing segfaults.

    0.2.0 Release: Works with AMQP 0-8 and 0-9-1 (used by RabbitMQ 2.*) Modified AMQPConnection object: * Requires call to 'connect' method to connect (no longer connects on instantiation) * Added support for disconnect and reconnect * Added helper setters for port, host, vhost, login and password Improved consume method to block for MIN messages, and try to get MAX messages if available Fixed zval descoping bugs Fixed bugs: * 17809: Couldn't compile pecl extension under PHP 5.3 * 17831: Segmentation fault when the exchange doesn't exists * 19707: AMQPQueue::get() doesn't return the message * 19840: Connection Exception


Link: http://pecl.php.net/