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Creating simple tasks app with Backbone.js and Slim micro framework (part 1)
Jun 25, 2013 @ 16:52:44

New on CodeForest.com today, Luka Peharda has posted the first part of a series that combines the Slim microframework with backbone.js to make a simple tasks (to-do) application.

The app in this tutorial will be called “Tasks”. I know, right? Super creative. This first article will give an introduction to the technologies and the idea of the series. Also, we’ll cover project structure and entire PHP side of the story. In second article we’ll cover Backbone.js side of the story and create simple tasks application which we’ll refine and upgrade in later articles (third and fourth one).

They introduce the two technologies (briefly) and get right in to the directory and database structure they'll be using. They use the NotORM library for accessing the database. Code is included showing the routes for getting, adding, updating and deleting tasks out of the database.

tagged: tutorial slim microframework backbonejs tasks todo application

Link: http://www.codeforest.net/creating-simple-tasks-app-with-backbone-js-and-slim-micro-framework-part-1

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