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Latest PECL Releases for 07.09.2013
Jul 09, 2013 @ 07:05:55

Latest PECL Releases:

  • oci8 1.4.10 Bump PECL package info version check to allow PECL installs with PHP 5.5+

  • riak 0.5.0 Large API rewrite that had to happen before going into beta. We will avoid breaking API changes from now on.

  • radius 1.3.0b1 This release adds several new features:
    • Support for CoA and disconnect packets.
    • Support for tagged attributes.
    • Support for salt-encrypted attributes.
    • Support for Juniper vendor specific attributes.

    These features are based on code written by Gabriel Blanchard in his fork of PECL radius: https://github.com/gblanchard/pecl-radius.

    Three new functions have been added to handle these features:

    • radius_get_tagged_attr_data(string attr) This function returns the data from a tagged attribute.
    • radius_get_tagged_attr_tag(string attr) This function returns the tag from a tagged attribute.
    • radius_salt_encrypt_attr(resource radius_handle, string attr) This function salt-encrypts the given attribute. This shouldn't normally need to be called manually, but is available for unusual use cases.

    Salt encryption is generally achieved through the use of the new RADIUS_OPTION_SALT option. All put functions have been extended to accept an optional options bitfield and an optional tag value, which will be used to tag an attribute if the RADIUS_OPTION_TAGGED option is set.

    There should be no backward compatibility breaks with this release; however existing users are encouraged to test their code against this release and to report any issues that they find.

    The next beta is expected in around two weeks from today (approximately July 18, 2013).