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Moving to Cloud-Based Web Development
Jul 16, 2013 @ 15:42:07

On PHPMaster.com today there's a new article from Martin Psinas about moving to cloud-based development for your PHP applications (using online editors that can potentially replace your local development tools).

I knew going into this purchase that the Chromebook was designed without a hard drive and is intended more for casual web surfers rather than power users, but that didn’t stop me. I also knew I wanted to take full advantage of the Chromium OS as an on-the-go platform so installing a LAMP-based development environment or tinkering with the system would just defeat the purpose. I decided it was time for change, time for liberation!

He talks about some of the basic concepts behind the move to a cloud-based environment and working with various aspects of development there. He covers things like version control, finding a place to store his code and choosing an IDE. He links to a few options including ShiftEdit, CodeEnvy and Cloud9 (his choice).

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Link: http://phpmaster.com/moving-to-cloud-based-web-development/

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