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Latest PECL Releases for 07.23.2013
Jul 23, 2013 @ 07:08:51

Latest PECL Releases:

  • mongo 1.4.2 ** Bug * [PHP-706] - Busy loop when a file descriptors exceed 1024 * [PHP-850] - Conditional jump on empty server name to MongoClient * [PHP-853] - MongoCollection::batchInsert() exceptions can obscure BSON encoding exceptions * [PHP-858] - Crash when extending Mongo and MongoClient classes and not calling its constructor * [PHP-872] - Driver should prevent characters in keys, collection and database names

  • event 1.7.1 Fix: segmentation fault on gc_collect_cycles() after calling Event::free(), 5lava @ Bitbucket reported Fix: assignment reference to "data" property caused 'Fatal error: Cannot assign by reference to overloaded object' Fix: evnt object dtors sometimes didn't free the 'data' member until the script shutdown phase

  • ev 0.2.8 Fix: segmentation fault in EvLoop/EvWatcher dtors caused by reference variables stored in 'data' property Fix: EvLoop/EvWatcher object dtors sometimes didn't free the 'data' member until the script shutdown phase Fix: get_properties property handler was not implemented for PHP >= 5.4.0

  • ev 0.2.7 Fix: because of a typo in ev.c dump stuff didn't work in PHP<5.5.0 Change: removed "Returning previously created default loop" warning

  • ev 0.2.6 Merged in 5lava/pecl-ev (pull request #1) @ Bitbucket Fix: made php 5.5.0-compatible Upgraded libev to version 4.15

  • eio 1.2.3 Fix: bug #65293 where eio functions failed to process file descriptor equal to 0

  • event 1.7.0 Merged in 5lava/pecl-event (pull request #1) @bitbucket: Fix: EventBufferEvent::setTimeouts() didn't work with double values Fix: EventBuffer::copyout() didn't work in some cases Add: EventBuffer::readFrom() method (corresponds to evbuffer_read()) Add: EventUtil::getSocketFD() method

  • mysqlnd_memcache 1.0.1 Fixed build issues.

  • event 1.6.2 Fix: bug #64678 where Fedora Packaging Guidlines required LICENSE file Fix: bug #64680 where we should check for SKIP_ONLINE_TESTS environment variable Fix: bug #64679 where we had buffer overflow caused by struct sockaddr_storage * pointer

  • gnupg 1.3.3 Fix compatibility with PHP 5.4 and 5.5

  • ev 0.2.5 Fix: bug #64788 where var_dump() of EvIo watcher caused disfunction of whole event loop Fix: build error due to return (void) from function returning int on Mac OS X