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PSR-6 Caching Interface and PSR-5 PHPDoc enter Draft status
Aug 28, 2013 @ 20:30:29

As is mentioned in this Reddit post, two new PSRs have officially entered "Draft" status - PSR-5 for PHPDocumentor standards and PSR-6 related to caching implementations.

PSR-4 got to draft status a week ago and the other day it went into Review status. I pushed it to Review quickly as its already been around for several months (before this new workflow existed) so there didn't seem like much point in waiting. In less than two weeks we can put that in for an acceptance vote and we will have a new autoloader! Excellent. More good news from the FIG is that PSR-5 and PSR-6 are officially coming onto the scene, both now in Draft status too!

PSR-5, the PHPDoc standard, is more of an inclusion (and update) of most of the current standards people use when writing their PHPDoc comments, just more formalized by the PHP-FIG. PSR-6 is newer and is more akin to the logging PSR, defining the basic interface for an interchangeable caching layer. You can read more about each of the proposals in the mailing list: PSR-5: PHPDoc and PSR-6: caching.

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Link: http://www.reddit.com/r/PHP/comments/1la27y/psr5_caching_interface_and_psr6_phpdoc_enter/

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