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Latest PECL Releases for 10.01.2013
Oct 01, 2013 @ 07:05:33

Latest PECL Releases:

  • xhprof 0.9.4 -- Fix reflected XSS with run parameter. PR#20 and #29 -- Change graph edge colour. PR#23 -- Added .gitignore file for build artifacts. PR#25

  • v8js 0.1.5 - Fix package

  • xmldiff 0.8.0 Initial PECL import

  • v8js 0.1.4 - Added time/memory limit support - Moved to The MIT License (MIT)

  • oci8 2.0.4 Fix persistent memory usage with --enable-dtrace Export get_module() for Windows php_oci8_12c.dll

  • timezonedb 2013.6 Updated to version 2013.6 (2013f)

  • mysqlnd_ms 1.6.0 Add initial MySQL Fabric support and automatic retry for transient errors

  • oci8 2.0.3 Add the oci_set_client_identifier() value and statement structure pointer to several DTrace probes. Use 'phpoci' as the DTrace provider name since uniqueness is required by the Linux fasttrap module. Update Windows builds to create only php_oci8_12c.dll.

  • PDO_CUBRID Fixed bugs: 1) APIS-634 - PDO Cannot connect to the shard db in PDO driver

  • CUBRID 1) APIS-631 - PHP cubrid_free_result() doesn't return False if the method was called with invalid parameters

  • mongo 1.4.4 ** Bug * [PHP-773] - Fix the persistence issue with logging stream contexts * [PHP-874] - New Replica Set connections hang when secondaries are creating indexes during initialSync * [PHP-893] - Fix documentation of MongoCursor::$timeout default value * [PHP-894] - BSON decoding segfaults if string length prefix is zero * [PHP-896] - BSON decoding segfaults reading past buffer endpoint * [PHP-898] - Cursor exception should not print strerror() as int * [PHP-901] - Detect server state changes * [PHP-906] - Segmentation Fault - in mongo_deregister_callback_from_connection when calling MongoClient->close(true) * [PHP-907] - BSON decoding of DBPointer does not set MongoId::$id property * [PHP-912] - PHP driver should use SSLv23 instead of TLS

  • imagick 3.1.2 - Fix ZTS build - Fix small memory leak in identifyImage - Added LICENSE - Added mimetype to identify image as per PECL bug 65037 - Fixed type conversion error in newpseudoimage

  • riak 0.5.2 Bugfixes in the session handler