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A Talk With PHP Recruiter Lonnie Brown – Forget About Money & Take Care Of Your Candidates
Feb 10, 2014 @ 09:17:59

On the 7PHP.com site today there's a different sort of community interview, this time with Lonnie Brown, a recruiter that's been focusing in on PHP development jobs for the last few years and helping people find that right fit.

You have all heard of recruitment; we have it in all sphere and The PHP Sphere is no exception to that. Have you ever had an talk with a recruiter? [...] Look no further, I bring you The Guy for all these questions and curiosity that you may have! [...] There are some that are making a difference and may be today this interview can show some lights down that tunnel. I would love to hear your comments and feedbacks after your reading + any questions to Lonnie Brown – I’m sure he will happily respond.

In the interview they talk some about Lonnie and his background in recruiting in general and more specific to the PHP community. They focus in on the PHP-related aspects of recruiting and some of the common challenges he deals with. Lonnie shares some of his thoughts for those looking for positions and dealing with recruiters in general.

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Link: http://7php.com/php-recruiter-lonnie-brown