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Latest PECL Releases for 03.18.2014
Mar 18, 2014 @ 07:04:20

Latest PECL Releases:

  • pthreads 2.0.1 Add globals inheritance option Add method to execute block in global scope Fix build when SPL is not loaded (spl sucks)

  • qb 2.1.1 Initial release

  • gmagick 1.1.7RC2 Changes to update support for PHP 5.6.0beta

  • solr 1.1.0b - SolrClient::system Access system servlet which fetch Solr Server System Information - SolrClient::commit argument $maxSegments is now DEPRECATED - SolrClient::commit Added support for expungeDeletes on - All SolrClient methods throws SolrClientExceptions instead of E_WARNING + SolrClientException - SolrClientExceptions' messages are more informative in case of connection errors - Added json extension validation - All SolrResponse, SolrQueryResponse, SolrUpdateResponse, SolrPingResponse, SolrGenericResponse, SolrDocument, and SolrInputDocument classes are now final - All parameters functions throws SolrIllegalArgumentException instead of E_RROR - SolrParams/SolrModifiableParams/SolrQuery throws SolrIllegalArguments Exception instead of E_ERROR (Feature #66858) - Various Bug Fixes

  • pthreads 2.0.2 Fix build in BSD and other *nix where PTHREAD_MUTEX_RECURSIVE_NP is enum

  • eio 1.2.4 Fix: Bitbucket issue #1: eio_open fails when file is owned by root

  • pthreads 2.0.0 Fix errors; inheritance and scope in threads (bugs in prepare) Fix fault; accessing destroyed objects (throw ex) Make use of inheritance within pthreads (bc compatible using alias) Remove abstract flag from ::run method Remove use of errors in favour of exceptions Remove all final modifiers on threaded objects Fix fault; submit to incorrectly constructed Pool Fixed fault; (re)using primitives that are object members across contexts Fixed fault; intermittent fault on session_start inside threads Various internal improvements

  • memcached 2.2.0RC1 - Fixes incorrect size when compressing serialized objects - Fixes endianess of compressed values

  • oci8 2.0.8 Enhancement - Improve performance of multi-row OCI_RETURN_LOB queries (Bug #66875)

  • mongo 1.5.0RC1 ** Bug * [PHP-995] - JSON detection * [PHP-996] - Broken with cyrus-sals 2.1.23 * [PHP-999] - Inline mapReduce command ignores read preferences * [PHP-1000] - RP support for "mapReduce" command, not just "mapreduce"

    ** Improvement * [PHP-998] - Include maxWriteBatchSize and maxMessageSizeBytes in connection info

    ** Task * [PHP-407] - MongoBinData should default to type 0 instead of 2 * [PHP-960] - Use createIndexes command when available * [PHP-987] - Use maxWriteBatchSize from ismaster for write command batch splitting.

    ** Sub-task * [PHP-993] - Merge batch return values into one return value