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Latest PECL Releases for 05.06.2014
May 06, 2014 @ 07:04:27

Latest PECL Releases:
  • Weakref 0.2.4 - Fix version and add license

  • geoip 1.1.0 * Add geoip_setup_custom_directory() to setup custom directories per request. * Remove E_NOTICES for IPs not found in database. * Fix a segfault with geoip_db_get_all_info() on newer libs (bug #64692). * Add support for geoip_netspeedcell_by_name(), geoip_asnum_by_name() and geoip_domain_by_name() (bug #67121). * Fix memory leak with custom directories (bug #67138). * Support changing custom directory via ini_set() (bug #61607).

  • Weakref 0.2.3 - Upgrade PHP dependencies.

  • swoole 1.7.1 - Check close fd is not timer_fd - TCP_DEFER_ACCEPT option - socket LINGER option - Fixed eof_check memory error - Added swoole_event_set - Added swoole_client out_buffer - Added socket linger option - Fixed the swoole_server->close destroy out_buffer bug - Using php_error_docref - Fixed swoole_async_dns_lookup warning

  • qb 2.3 Enabled compilation using clang Improved interpreter performance in 64-bit Windows Implemented proper parser for type declaration Bought complex number functions into compliance with ISO standard Fixed issue #36 - Incorrect cast to int

  • xdebug 2.2.5 Tue, Apr 29, 2014 - xdebug 2.2.5 = Fixed bugs: - Fixed bug #1040: Fixed uninitialized sa value. - Fixed building on hurd-i386.

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