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Latest PECL Releases for 05.13.2014
May 13, 2014 @ 07:03:45

Latest PECL Releases:
  • Mosquitto 0.2.2 * Add missing unsubscribe method

  • yp 1.0.1 1.0.1 release - trivial update to fix wrong version dispaly in php_info page [gasolwu]

  • couchbase 1.2.2 - PCBC-219: Fixed bad access. - PCBC-256: Corrected missing connect for management operations. - Fixed minor documentation issues.

  • yp 1.0.0 Initial stable release - Fix build with modern PHP including PHP 5.3, 5.4 and 5.5 [gasolwu] - Build testing environment with vagrants [gasolwu] - Add tests for all public functions [gasolwu] - Fix bugs #59537 [gasolwu] - Correct constant value of YPERR_ACCESS [gasolwu]

  • pthreads 2.0.5 fix fault in windows fix fault from incorrect efree of run time cache

  • pthreads 2.0.6 fix build in windows

  • event 1.10.0 Issue #3: Segmentation fault on EventHttpRequest->free() (Bitbucket's tracker). Add: EventHttpConnection::__construct() now optionally accepts EventSslContext argument (issue #5). Add: EventHttp::__construct() now accepts EventSslContext object as argument.

  • pthreads 2.0.7 fix regression error in last release

  • event 1.10.1 Deleted a troublesome phpt test

  • doublemetaphone 1.0.1 - Add LICENSE file to package for Windows builds.

  • sphinx 1.3.1 - Fixed bug #67216 (segfault on setGroupBy()) (Dmitry Saprykin) - Fixed bug #66272 (Some constants are not defined)

  • mongo 1.5.2 ** Bug * [PHP-922] - Read timed out after reading 0 bytes, waited for 0.000000 seconds * [PHP-978] - Standalone connection to arbiter fails * [PHP-1036] - Segmentation Fault when querying large collection and the working set is not loaded * [PHP-1042] - Document missing MongoClient constructor options * [PHP-1056] - Fix MongoCursor handling of projections with numeric field names * [PHP-1059] - updatedExisting is always true when updating * [PHP-1065] - Mongo driver is crashing * [PHP-1071] - Create Index test segfaults * [PHP-1075] - close() with parallelCollectionScan() segfaults upon request shutdown * [PHP-1080] - MongoCursor::$timeout=-1 doesn't work anymore * [PHP-1083] - 2.6.1-rc0 requires $gt for OplogReplay * [PHP-1084] - collection->update($query, $document) crashes if $document is an object * [PHP-1085] - w=0 can return an unexpected exception on failure * [PHP-1086] - Inserting documents with WriteConcern during failover broken * [PHP-1087] - Travis build status incorrect in v1.5 branch * [PHP-1088] - Coverity analysis defect 10700: Explicit null dereferenced * [PHP-1090] - Coverity analysis defect 22173: Dereference null return value * [PHP-1095] - Min server version check should use GTE comparison ** Improvement * [PHP-758] - Document stream context callbacks * [PHP-1091] - Allow NumberLong numbers on 32-bit platforms if the number fits in the 32-bit int range * [PHP-1094] - 32bit platform improvements ** Task * [PHP-935] - Document SSL connections * [PHP-1023] - Document maxTimeMS option for findOne(), group(), aggregate(), and cursor * [PHP-1058] - Add Cyrus SASL to automated PECL builds * [PHP-1077] - Fix handling of timeout options for createIndexes command * [PHP-1082] - CommandCursor segfaults when server is closed

  • sphinx 1.3.2 - Fixed build with older libsphinxclient versions (Dmitry Saprykin) - Added LICENSE to the package.

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