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Marc Morera:
Symfony Catalunya
Mar 04, 2016 @ 16:55:51

In a new post to his site Marc Morera talks about a new Symfony conference happening in Barcelona, Spain in July of 2016 - Symfony Catalunya.

Imagine yourself in front of the Barcelona’s beach in July. It sounds good, right? Then, continue imagining yourself with a great Symfony environment, with a very cold beer, amazing people and even better topics to talk about.

Isn’t it the best plan ever? Well, if you feel that you need it, then you should continue reading this post…

I’m very very pleased to tell you that this plan is going to happen this summer. The Symfony Barcelona Association is working very hard on this first edition of Symfony Catalunya, an international Symfony event placed in our city. This event is 100% in english and is going to be very focused on how Symfony can help us in our day by day and in our jobs.

He talks some about the conference too including the emphasis on new talks, amazing speakers, ticket pricing and the emphasis on community. If you're interested in the conference, want to see some of the current lineup or just want to get tickets, visit the main conference site at Symfony.cat.

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Link: http://mmoreram.com/blog/2016/03/03/symfony-catalunya/

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