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Voices of the ElePHPant:
Interview with Mark Story
Apr 19, 2016 @ 09:17:56

The Voices of the ElePHPant podcast has posted their latest in their series of video interviews with members of the PHP community recorded at the php[world] 2016 conference, Mark Story, a developer on the CakePHP project.

*Cal and Marks talk about CakePHP in general, Mark's involvement in it and some of the recent advancements in the project. They also talk about his role at FreshBooks and how PHP is used there. They also talk about Mark's session there at the php[world] conference and the Magic: The Gathering games he participated in at the game night there at the conference.

You can listen (or watch) this latest episode either through the in-page video or audio player or directly over on YouTube. If you enjoy the episode be sure to subscribe to their feed and follow them on Twitter to find out about the latest episodes as they're released.

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Link: https://voicesoftheelephpant.com/2016/04/19/interview-mark-story/