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PHP 7.1.20 & 5.6.37 Released
Jul 20, 2018 @ 15:18:49

On the main PHP.net site an announcement has been posted of the latest versions in the PHP 7.1.x and 5.6.x series: 7.1.20 and 5.6.37.

The PHP development team announces the immediate availability of PHP 7.1.20 [and 5.6.37]. This is a security release. Several security bugs have been fixed in this release. All PHP 7.1 [and 5.6.37] users are encouraged to upgrade to this version.

Changes in these releases include updates to date/time handling, PHP-FPM, internationalization and PostgreSQL functionality. You can download this latest release either from the main PHP.net site (for source packages) or windows.php.net for the Windows binaries.

tagged: language release bugfix php71 php56

Link: http://php.net/index.php#id2018-07-20-2

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