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Zend Framework Blog:
Expressive 3!
Mar 19, 2018 @ 12:14:54

The Zend Framework blog has posted their official announcement of the release of Expressive version 3, the latest major release for the Zend Framework-based microframework based around PSR-15 middleware.

Expressive 3 embraces modern PHP, and requires PHP 7.1 or higher. Strong type-hinting, including return type hints, make both our job and your job easier and more predictable. The ability to use all modern PHP features helps us deliver a solid base for your application.

Expressive 3 provides full support for the PSR-15 (Middleware and Request Handlers) standard. [...] Expressive 3 massively refactors its internals as well. [...] Expressive 3 provides more command line tooling and tooling improvements in order to make developing your application easier.

[...] Finally, we recognize that Expressive has changed massively between versions 1 and 3, while simultaneously keeping its primary API stable and unchanged. However, to help users find the information they need for the version they run, we have rolled out versioned documentation, with each version providing only information specific to its release cycle.

The post also lists out some of the new components including zend-expressive-session, zend-expressive-csrf and zend-expressive-hal. There's also links to more information about upgrading, community resources and a "thank you" section to several people that helped get the project to this version 3 release.

tagged: zendframework zendexpressive release v3 major features upgrade thanks

Link: https://framework.zend.com/blog/2018-03-16-expressive-3.html

Nathan Dench:
BrisPHP News - 1 March 2018
Mar 09, 2018 @ 12:19:26

On his "Tech Notes" blog Nathan Dench has put together a listing of some of the interesting things that happened in the first part of 2018 in the PHP community.

I organise the a post from Marcel Pociot about the GitHub statistics for various PHP projects
  • news around Symfony, Silex and Laravel
  • There's also a few other "random things" to finish off the post with links to other interesting articles, projects and tools.

    tagged: news community 2018 release feature github framework

    Link: https://ndench.github.io/brisphp/brisphp-news

    Zend Framework Blog:
    Expressive 3.0.0RC2 released
    Mar 08, 2018 @ 09:36:20

    On the Zend Framework blog they've posted the announcement of the release of the latest Release Candidate for their Zend Expressive framework: Expressive 3.0.0 RC2.

    This week, we've worked on backports from Expressive 3 to Expressive 2, and, in the process, identified a few issues with how the routing package handles implicit HEAD and OPTIONS requests. As a result, we've just released 3.0.0rc2.

    The post starts by explaining the "implicit" nature of the OPTIONS and HEAD requests and how the framework essentially defines them without the developer having to. It then shows how to get started with this new version and how to update your v3.0.0rc1 application to this latest release. The post finishes up with a look ahead at the project's roadmap including documentation updates, deprecations and a target release date of March 15th, 2018.

    tagged: zendframework zendexpressive releasecandidate release v3rc2

    Link: https://framework.zend.com/blog/2018-03-07-expressive-3-rc2.html

    Multiple Versions Released - 7.1.15, 5.6.34 & 7.2.3
    Mar 05, 2018 @ 12:43:35

    The main PHP.net site has posted the announcement(s) of the release of updates for the three supported versions of the language: 7.1.15, 5.6.34 & 7.2.3.

    The PHP development team announces the immediate availability of PHP 7.1.15, 5.6.34 and 7.2.3. This is a security fix release, containing one security fix and many bug fixes. All [PHP] users are encouraged to upgrade to this version.

    Fixes include changes to the DateTime handling, LDAP connectivity, Phar construction, PostgreSQL issues and changes to the SPL. You can get these latest versions either from the main downloads page or on windows.php.net for the Windows binaries.

    tagged: multiple version release php71 php72 php56 security bugfix

    Link: http://php.net/archive/2018.php#id2018-03-02-1

    March 2018 Issue Released - Long Running PHP
    Mar 02, 2018 @ 13:16:54

    php[architect] magazine has announced the publication of their latest issue, the March 2018 edition: Long Running PHP.

    Some of the articles featured in this issue include:

    • "PHP Daemons and Long-Running Processes" by Tim Lytle
    • "Evolving PHP" by Chris Pitt
    • "Containers Are a Pile of Lies! Part Two" by Larry Garfield
    • "Hands on With Accessibility" by Derek Binkley

    Other topics mentions in the usual columns cover the Lumen framework, code reviews, signed Git commits, running a user group and the use of Twitter for PHP development. You can check out the full list of articles in this latest issue and get a copy of your own on the php[architect] site. If you're interested in the content of the issue, be sure to check out this month's free article.

    tagged: phparchitect magazine march2018 longrunningphp issue release

    Link: https://www.phparch.com/magazine/2018-2/march/

    Zend Framework Blog:
    Expressive 3.0.0RC1 is now ready!
    Feb 28, 2018 @ 12:58:19

    The Zend Framework blog has posted an announcement about the release of the latest Release Candidate for the next major step for their Expressive framework: Version 3.0.0RC1.

    We've been working diligently the past three weeks to finalize API changes and new features for the Expressive 3.0 release, and are pleased to announce immediate availability of our first release candidate, 3.0.0rc1!

    Why RC and not beta? [...] We feel at this point that we've identified and implemented all desired changes both in terms of API as well as features, and announced a feature freeze yesterday. This puts us in a status more analogous to release candidates than beta (where features could still be added).

    The post then walks you through this new version and shows you how to get a new Expressive v3.0.0RC1 application set up or migrate an existing application to the new version. It then talks about some of the differences in the code and the ecosystem around the framrwork and finishes up with the roadmap and a look ahead.

    tagged: expressive v3rc1 release zendframework zendexpressive tutorial

    Link: https://framework.zend.com/blog/2018-02-27-expressive-3-rc1.html

    PHP 7.1.14 Released
    Feb 06, 2018 @ 12:39:41

    On the main PHP.net site today there's an announcement about the latest release in the PHP 7.1.x series: PHP 7.1.4.

    The PHP development team announces the immediate availability of PHP 7.1.14. This is a bugfix release. Several bugs were fixed in this release.

    All PHP 7.1 users are encouraged to upgrade to this version.

    Fixes in this latest release include changes to FastCGI handling, IMAP functionality, RecursiveArrayIterator in the SPL and a connection fix for PostgreSQL. You can see the full list of changes and their related bugs in the full Changelog. This version is available for download form the usual locations: the main downloads page for the source packages and windows.php.net for the Windows binaries.

    tagged: language release bugfix php71

    Link: http://php.net/index.php#id2018-02-01-2

    PHP 7.2.2 Released
    Feb 01, 2018 @ 10:16:33

    On the main PHP.net site they've posted an announcement about the latest release in the current major version of the language: PHP 7.2.2

    The PHP development team announces the immediate availability of PHP 7.2.2. This is a bugfix release, with several bug fixes included.

    Bugs fixed in this release include issues in the FastCGI handling, IMAP, Opcache, PDO, PostgreSQL, SOAP, Zip and several core language changes. You can see the full list of updates and links to their related bugs in the full Changelog. It is recommended that all PHP 7.2 users upgrade to this release. As always it can be downloaded from the main downloads page for the source packages and windows.php.net for the Windows binaries.

    tagged: language release bugfix php72

    Link: http://php.net/index.php#id2018-02-01-1

    Derick Rethans:
    Xdebug 2.6
    Jan 31, 2018 @ 10:45:10

    On his site Derick Rethans, lead on the Xdebug project, has posted about the release of the latest version of the popular PHP debugging tool: Xdebug 2.6.

    I have just released Xdebug 2.6. Xdebug 2.6 adds supports for PHP 7.2 (and drops support for PHP 5), and adds a whole bunch of new features. This article describes these new features.

    Among the items he details are changes around:

    • Garbage Collection Statistics
    • Profiler Enhancements
    • Remote Debugging Improvements
    • Behavioural Changes

    There are also some smaller improvements in the output of the tool allowing for custom filenames, superglobal details and the inclusion of assign-by-reference assignments. You can find out more about this latest version and get the latest from the main Xdebug site. If you'd like to show appreciation for all the hard work Derick has put into the tool, you should consider becoming a patron to show your support.

    tagged: xdebug debugging tool release v26 announcement derickrethans

    Link: https://derickrethans.nl/xdebug-26.html

    HHVM Blog:
    HHVM 3.24 (End of PHP 5 Support)
    Jan 18, 2018 @ 13:44:28

    The HHVM project has made an announcement on their site about the latest update for the PHP language processor, v3.24 and how, among the list of changes, they're completely dropping support for PHP 5.

    HHVM 3.24 is released! This release contains new features, bug fixes, performance improvements, and supporting work for future improvements. [...] 3.24 is the final release targeting PHP5; this includes source-level compatibility for PHP5 extensions (ext_zend_compat). We recommend migrating to Hack or PHP7.

    As 3.24 is supported though 2018-12-17, this means that support will end at roughly the same time as PHP5 itself is scheduled to become unsupported (2018-12-31).

    Other updates in the release include the retiring of support for Debian 7 Wheezy and Ubuntu 17.04 Zesty, the inclusion of "using" blocks and the addition of the XHP Attribute Spread Operator. You can find out complete details about this release from the HHVM blog.

    tagged: hhvm php5 support release version project

    Link: https://hhvm.com/blog/2018/01/16/hhvm-3.24.html