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Ben Ramsey's Blog:
Technical Vocabulary and Grammar
January 23, 2006 @ 07:43:45

With his own response to this post, Ben Ramsey sheds some more light on the misspoken technology terms/conventions that pop up over and over.

This is in response to Chris Shiflett's "Technical Vocabulary and Grammar" post. My comment became so long that I decided to blog it instead.

Being someone with a degree in English...

He talks about collective nouns being plural (making it okay to use something like " are..."), periods inside quotation marks, a suggestion for aiding understanding of actual commands typed for programming books (loose the quotes and go bold), and his own view on what "PC" really means...

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technical vocabulary grammar nouns periods go bold technical vocabulary grammar nouns periods go bold

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Ben Ramsey\'s Blog: Technical Vocabulary and Grammar

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