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Jim Plush's Blog:
My-Bic version 0.6 Released
March 31, 2006 @ 20:08:08

Jim Plush has released the latest version of his My-Bic Ajax/PHP framework with a few cool enhancements - version 0.6 according to this new post.

The two major features added are JSON client side encoding and network down handling. Client side JSON encoding will allow you to send more complex structures to your PHP script and they can get converted to normal PHP objects. The other major feature is handling network down issues.

For example if your client script cannot get a response back from the server My-Bic will now allow you to define your own network down function or you can use the default method which creates a div on the screen alerting the user of network issues. If there are 3 requests that fail in a row My-Bic disables itself until the page is reloaded. All of those settings are configurable so you can change or override them.

The addition of these two features is definitely a plus for the framework - they provide two more advanced features that any developer can use thanks to the simplicity of the My-Bic framework. Some of the other features of the framework include easy forms, a built-in submission queue, and a bit to help you in debugging your scripts.

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my-bic version 0.6 release json client side encoding network down handling my-bic version 0.6 release json client side encoding network down handling

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