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Sara Goleman's Blog:
PDO_User and the effects of Slide Driven Development
May 04, 2006 @ 06:40:37

In her latest blog post, Sara Golemon talks about some of the developments that were discussed concerning the PDO libraries, specifically the userspace driver she had been considering.

As mentioned in earlier blog posts, I think my presentations went over okay for a first couple of talks, but if I have to make one complaint, it's that the subject matter was ill-aimed. I spoke to Sean (one of the conferrence organizers) after the closing keynote and asked him about the upcoming php|works conf in toronto. When he said that one of the focuses would be on database interaction (since it would be taking place along side db|works), my thoughts immediately jumped to the PDO userspace driver which had been running around the back of my mind for months.

By the end of my flight back I had half the implementation written and had generally come to the conclusion that the PDO API was pretty damned nice. Long story short, I've just uploaded release 0.1 of pdo_user which is ready for testing.

The file specifically of interest in the package is the README.OBJECTS - a description of how to get things up and working in your development environment. Of course, it's still in the development stages and a bit rough around the edges, so if you have any feedback on the package, be sure to report the bugs that come up.

For more on this topic, check out Wez Furlong's blog entry and what the PDO user-space drivers could be used for.

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