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Akelos Framework - too good to be true?
Jun 10, 2006 @ 15:59:26

Over on H3rald.com today, there's their look at a new player in the PHP "inspired by Rails" framework category - and they're pretty impressed.

Someone recently added a comment to my article about Rails-inspired PHP frameworks pointing out that I forgot another Rails-like framework, in my round-up. He obviously posted a link to this rather mysterious Rails port in PHP and spam or not, I’d like to thank this guy for letting me know of the existance of Akelos, a new PHP framework which seems simply too good to be true.

He goes on, describing first some of the features the framework provides (tranasctions, code generation, template compilers, etc). There's also a list of other "goodies" specific to Akelos, including unit-tested source code, pure PHP support for Unicode, and distributed sessions using databases.

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