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Exposing OpenJMS to PHP
Jun 23, 2006 @ 07:07:18

There comes a time in a developers life (well, okay, some of them) when they'll need to get one machine to talk to another in a quick and easy way. There's lots of options for this, but in this new tutorial, they'll focus on one - a combination of OpenJMS, XFire, and PHP.

recently got involved in a project where reliable communication between etherogenous platforms was required. Having already worked with JMS, I had to find a way to expose its services to the frontend(a PHP base web application). Some time before I had come across XFire, and had been looking for a chance to work on it.

This was that chance. I know SOAP can sometimes be cumbersome, but XFire really makes its use easy, and PHP well supports it( we'll use the nusoap library). In this article I'll make an introduction on how to easily merge together OpenJMS,XFire and PHP to get a generic, immediately usable messaging system. If someone will be interested in it, further articles will follow on this topic.

He introduces the technology, explaining what they are and the role they'll play. From there, it's straight into the code - first looking at the "functionalities wrapper" on the OpenJMS site, then how to expose this OpenJMS services with XFire (implementing a SOAP interface). Finally, the last piece of the puzzle - the PHP - comes into play with a simple set of calls surrounding the NuSOAP library to grab the data.

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