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Will Ruby kill PHP?
August 07, 2006 @ 13:30:24

In his latest post today, Stefan Mischook asks the question every PHP developer (and company looking to invest in the language) out there is wondering - will Ruby kill PHP?

With the recent rise in popularity of the Ruby programming language (largely driven by the excellent but not perfect web framework called Rails), I've noticed a little fear in the air...fear on the part of some people in the PHP community.

Will Ruby kill PHP? The short answer is: no.

He takes the reader on a trip through his reasoning - things like "Ruby is elegant, but not complex" and "Java nerds love Ruby". But, one of the things that is talked most about for Ruby (everything's an object) is the same reason why PHPers and those looking for a quick, powerful, easy-to-use language will still stick with PHP.

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