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Using Zend_Controller in subfolder
Sep 27, 2006 @ 12:33:00

One of the most asked questions when it comes to using the Zend Framework is "how can I use it in a subfolder?" Everything behaves well when it's at the document root of the server it's on, but strange things start happening when it's anywhere below that. There's been server people that have posted solutions, and another can be added to them - this new post from Alexander Netkachev.

This question I had heard many times and now I have a few minutes to write down the answer so that everybody who stuck in the similar trouble could quickly resolve the issue. Who works with Zend Framework, most likely, have read the "Zend_Controller / Getting Started" Zend Framework manual article, which explains how to use Zend_Controller in the root folder of the web server. But it does not answer on the "How to run my Zend Framework application in a subfolder of the web server document folder?" question and I propose you my solutions.

First is rather a hack then a recommended solution, but with it you can start the applications and examples that use standard router. The second is neater but it depends on the Zend_Controller_RewriteRouter class.

The first method makes some changes to the default routing code itself (the hack) to make it no longer just use the REQUEST_URI, but to look at more of the URL to see if subdirectories exist. OF course, the more preferred way to go, and just as simple of an option, is using the framework itself to change the RewriteRouter options to allow for the subdirectory.

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