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Building the Index Page for a PHP Email Application
November 08, 2006 @ 10:29:20

DevShed is continuing their look at the creation of an email application with the third part of the series. It looks at building the main index page of the application as well as some of the sub-pages that it links to for other features.

The index page displays the newly downloaded messages in a table with five columns. These columns list (among other things) the date, subject and from field of the messages.

They break out the actions the page takes when someone logs in/views email - grab user info, grab messages, and display the navigation panels. Since they've already looked at the first of the list in a previous tutorial, they cover the last two, showing how to create the navigation (and some sub-pages) and how to grab all of the messages for the currently logged in user.

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tutorial email client interface grab messages header tutorial email client interface grab messages header

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