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AjaxCore: PHP Ajax Framework
Nov 22, 2006 @ 10:14:00

As mentioned over on Ajaxian.com, there's a new Ajax framework in town that's looking to "ease the development of rich Ajax applications, by generating the appropriate JavaScript code" - AjaxCore.

AjaxCore takes all the dirty work of JavaScript code generation and provides a solid foundation. The concept is to extend a Generic AjaxCore class and defining methods that handle the Ajax driven events and binding them to HTML objects.

It uses Prototype to work with the DOM and Ajax connections and to help you with binding the scripts to the different elements on the page. Code can be linked to certain elements and have that (server-side) code automatically executed when an element is referenced. You can find out more from the AjaxCore homepage and the Ajaxian post also includes a simple inline example to get you started.

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