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A CMS solution on Mediatemple w/ the Seagull PHP Framework, inc Google Maps
Apr 20, 2007 @ 10:13:00

On the Technovated.com blog, there's a new post that walks through - start to finish - the process of setting up a CMS hosted on a Mediatemple server with the help of the Seagull framework (along with Google Maps).

I developed the (Atalink) site using the Seagull php framework, using the publisher module (which has recently been superseded by the CMS module).

The publisher module requires a bit of hacking to make it run effectively, especially if the site requires content pages which have different layouts. But, overall the site works well and looks pretty good, even if I say so myself ;) .

I have still had a number of difficulties, so for those of you who are planning on building a similar site, here are some of the things which I have learnt.

Included among his "lessons learned" were some tips for using the publisher module, solving a server issue, fixing browser-related problems, and the integration of Google Maps.

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