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Job Posting:
University of Michigan Pathology Department seeks Web Designer Associate
Oct 29, 2007 @ 17:19:33

Location Ann Arbor, MI
Title Web Designer Associate

The Department of Pathology is expanding its use of web-based technology, recognizing the need for central placement of information and tools, in support of all three of our core missions: patient care, education and research/scholarly activities. To reach this goal, the department is seeking to expand its current in-house expertise for development of web infrastructure, content and interconnectivity design. The department is seeking a Web Design specialist to work as a member of our team in support of this initiative. The selected candidate is expected to operate in a number of capacities including: working with intra-departmental divisions and web services customers to identify requirements and define project scope; work with other programming specialists in the informatics division on web development projects in support of existing and new Web Services Infrastructure; working on federation projects with external data sources and the associated technical staff of such sources, and finally working with the divisions internal web development team to identify best practices for graphic design, page layout, page design, and overall effective communication. It is expected that this position will include an equal division of effort between actual coding and customer support activities. The designer will operate with current staff as a member of a highly integrated team, allowing for exemplary project management and execution. This position offers the unique opportunity for contribution at a fundamental architectural level, in a dynamic department that is already an internationally recognized leader in the field of Pathology Informatics. Typical projects will include a diverse range of topics and subspecialties, including traditional database design, translational medicine, bioinformatics, federated database queries, image repositories, telepathology and web portals for supercomputing/cluster applications.

Essential Skills

    <li>Maintenance of PHP
    <li>Ruby on Rails
    <li>CGI Scripts
    <li>Sharepoint Services
    <li>One or more years of experience with live website design and maintenance
    <p>Desired skills</p>
    <li>Regular Expressions
    <li>Oracle 10G
    <li>Microsoft SQL Server 
    <li>ASP and .NET 2.0 Framework
    <p>Location: Ann Arbor, MI</p>
    <p>Salary: TBD
    <p>Successful candidates should have prior experience with actual website design and maintenance.  Good verbal and written communication skills are essential.  Because of the project-oriented and customer focused nature of this position, it is expected that the successful candidate will possess excellent communication skills and a strong work ethic for timely job completion and high coding quality.</p>
    <p>To apply for this role, visit <a href="http://umjobs.org">UMJobs.org</a> and search for <b>Job ID 12597</b>.</p>
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