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Maarten Balliauw's Blog:
LINQ for PHP (Language Integrated Query for PHP)
January 24, 2008 @ 08:45:00

Maarten Balliauw has posted about an interesting new development he's made and is sharing with the PHP community - PHPLinq (Language Integrated Query).

Perhaps you have already heard of C# 3.5's "LINQ" component. LINQ, or Language Integrated Query, is a component inside the .NET framework which enables you to perform queries on a variety of data sources like arrays, XML, SQL server, ... These queries are defined using a syntax which is very similar to SQL. [...] I thought of creating a similar concept for PHP. So here's the result of a few days coding.

The library is available for download and some examples are included to show it in action (both in a simple example and in a more complex search on a series of objects).

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