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Weatherly Technologies (Recruiter) Seeks Senior PHP Developer (NYC MEtro)
Jan 29, 2008 @ 18:57:00

Company Weatherly Technologies (Recruiter)
Location NYC Metro
Title Sr. PHP Developer

We're a very well funded web startup with eyes on a fast and spectacular success - in which 'very prompt return' equity is available. So if you are a PHP developer of high skill and experience, and you'd like the opportunity to make bank fast, read on...

We're after something that is hard to find in the PHP world - a skilled professional with banging OOP talent. We use PHP to its fullest extent and highly abstracted - we need someone who loves to play at this level. We're embarking on a big feature sprint, we need more talent to push this to the next level of velocity. We have multiple development streams producing features using a custom php framework that cuts down the tedium, allowing you to do the interesting/challenging/beautiful stuff - all in sustainable, maintainable and efficient coding styles of course.

Specifics, we're talking about you having :

  • experience working with a variety of php frameworks (CakePHP, Savant, Symfony, etc. - you won't know ours, but knowledge of others will help a lot)
  • experience building websites using highly reuseable, abstract, OOP code
  • knowledge of and experience in using the various ajax-y/dhtml libraries out there.
  • javascript creation and optimization skills

You'll be a more winning candidate to us if you have:

  • experience working in the Scrum Agile development methodology.
  • some layout skill (you know how to float things, nest things, div things - you don't use tables for layout.)
  • experience optimizing websites for scalability (we're going to see some major traffic here, the code must scale)
  • working in a development team with people with a variety of front- and back-end skill sets.

From our side, advantages of joining us are:

  • we're a startup, there's equity consideration
  • we're a starup, we move very quickly and your opinions are demanded
  • our office is pet friendly
  • we develop on Macbook pros (well, I think it's a plus.)
  • we're very capable, so you'll be in good company
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