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Release of PHP 5.4.36, 5.5.20 and 5.6.4 (Includes Security Fix)
Dec 19, 2014 @ 10:39:54

The PHP.net has announced the releases of several new versions in all of the current major series, all correcting several bugs including a CVE-related (security) related to unserialization. This security issue was reported in CVE-2014-8142 and relates to this bug report. It is highly recommended that you upgrade your versions to correct this potential security vulnerability. The latest versions are:

As always, you can download these latest releases directly from the downloads page or http://windows.php.net/download for the Windows users. If you're interested in the other bugs fixed in these releases, check out the full Changelog.

tagged: language release bugfix php55 php56 php54 security cve20148242

Link: http://php.net/archive/2014.php#id2014-12-18-3

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