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Job Posting:
HypedSound Seeks Co-Founder/Lead Developer (Virtual, NYC)
Jul 21, 2010 @ 02:41:05

Company HypedSound
Location Virtual, NYC
Title Co-Founder/Lead Developer

We need a technical lead who wants to take HypedSound to the next level, someone who is equally passionate about music, technology, and startups. We already launched our website at hypedsound.com in early June 2010 using outside developers and our own resources.

About HypedSound – HypedSound is a social music platform for artists and listeners. The premise: Why be a member of a dozen different music networks when one site can meet all your music needs? With HypedSound you can host your online music profile and network with other artists and listeners just like on the other music social networks, but we take it a step further by adding modules specifically for online music collaboration, contests, finding band members, music discovery, and music information. What we have now is just the beginning of our ultimate vision to be the default music platform for interactive music services, that is, going beyond streaming music. We have a lot of new ideas that we’d like to discuss as we improve the existing product and solidify our early adopting user base.

Sample user: Molly is in a rock band and uses HypedSound to share her band’s music with the HypedSound community. Her band networks with other artists and their fans, but her band lost their drummer and needs a replacement. She then goes to the Virtual Auditions section and posts a classified ad along with a video of her band playing live, hoping to lure some talent in from someone in her area. Sam, a drummer, has been using his listener profile to browse music and take part in the forums. He uses the Collaborate section to add tracks to other people’s music but now he’s ready to find a band. Luckily, he doesn’t have to go far because he finds the ad that Molly posted and immediately goes to check out her band’s profile and respond to the ad. They then meet up to jam and go back to HypedSound to show-off their new demo.

A programmer, web developer with extensive knowledge of PHP. The site also utilizes JavaScript, XML, Ajax, and DTHML and the database architecture is MySQL. Expertise in additional languages, platforms, and technologies a plus.

Even though we have already put in a considerable amount of time into the company in addition to a financial investment, we do not undervalue the importance of having a technical lead. Because we are currently a bootstrapped company and pre-revenue, the arrangement involves no salary initially, but we offer equity comparable to that of a co-founder and commensurate with dedication and experience. If you cannot commit full-time, we are open to discussing a “nights and weekends” type arrangement in the short-term. If you can see yourself passionate about the project in the long-term, we’d love to talk to you.

Location (NYC, Virtual):
We are flexible in terms of location in the short-term. Ideally you would be able to relocate to New York City in early 2011 pending funding and revenue status of the company. I plan to relocate at the beginning of next year, but currently live in Washington D.C. and Montreal.

Email me at jonathan@hypedsound.com if you have any interest or questions about the project. Examples of previous work and your CV/LinkedIn profile are welcome. Having the required technical expertise is only part of the story; just as important is your alignment with the goals and vision of the company for the future.

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