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Thijs Feryn:
Michael Heap – Talking about PHPBenelux, Datasift, miles & points
Feb 03, 2016 @ 17:12:44

Thijs Feryn has posted his latest video interview with a member of the PHP community. In this new episode he talks with Michael Heap, a developer at Datasift, about the work he does there and traveling (as they make their way back to the airport...)

Michael Heap is a developer who works at [Datasift](http://datasift.com/). On Thursday January 28th 2016 Michael flew from London Heathrow to Brussels to attend the [PHPBenelux Conference 2016](http://conference.phpbenelux.eu/2016). Unfortunately he forgot his laptop on the plane.

While driving Michael to the airport, I decided to ask him a couple of questions and that resulted in a nice conversation.

You can watch the video using either the in-page player or over on YouTube directly. If you're more of the audio-only sort, you can catch the recording over on Soundcloud.

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Link: https://blog.feryn.eu/michael-heap-talking-about-phpbenelux-datasift-miles-points/

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