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PHP Roundtable Podcast:
Episode #071 - Extra, extra: PHP 7.2 released!
May 30, 2018 @ 16:54:45

The PHP Roundtable podcast, hosted by PHP community member Sammy Powers, has posted their latest episode: Episode #71 - Extra, extra: PHP 7.2 released!.

The next major version of PHP is here! PHP 7.2 comes with a nice set of upgrades, performance enhancements, and a brand new crypto library right out of the box. We discuss some of the features and breaking changes that we should be aware of before upgrading to PHP 7.2.

In this episode, Sammy is joined by Scott Arciszewski and Craig Duncan to discuss the updates in this latest version and how you can make the upgrade without too many things breaking. You can catch this episode either by using the in-page audio and video player, by downloading the audio directly or by watching the recording over on YouTube directly. If you enjoy the show, be sure to subscribe to their feed and follow them on Twitter for updates on when future shows are recorded and released.

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Link: https://www.phproundtable.com/episode/extra-extra-php-72-released

Three Devs & A Maybe:
Symmetric and Asymmetric Encryption with Scott Arciszewski
Feb 07, 2018 @ 16:58:16

In the latest episode of the Three Devs and a Maybe podcast, hosted by Michael Budd, Fraser Hart, Lewis Cains and Edd Mann, they welcome back a guest for another round of security discussions: Scott Arciszewski around symmetric and asymmetric encryption.

In this weeks episode we are lucky to be joined again by Scott Arciszewski. We start off the show by discussing the difference between Symmetric and Asymmetric Encryption, what Authenticated Encryption is and how secret-keys are exchanged using Diffie-Hellman. From here, we move on to highlight how Elliptic-curve cryptography works, what DNSCrypt is and why prime numbers are so important in cryptography. Finally, we touch upon multi-factor authentication, how one time passwords work, SMS vulnerabilities and how to manage password recovery.

There's a wide range of security and cryptography related topics mentioned and linked in the post. You can listen to this latest show either using the in-page audio player or by downloading the mp3 directly. If you enjoy the episode, be sure to subscribe to their feed and follow them on Twitter to get updates when new shows are released.

tagged: threedevsandamaybe podcast scottarciszewski security cryptography encryption

Link: http://threedevsandamaybe.com/symmetric-and-asymmetric-encryption-with-scott-arciszewski/

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