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Building a JSON End-Point With SLIM and jQuery: Part 2
Nov 09, 2011 @ 16:04:00

On ZendCasts.com today there's a new screencast in their "Building a JSON endpoint with the Slim microframework" series - part two focusing on jQuery integration. (Part one is here)

[This screencast is] part 2 in a series on building a JSON end-point. We’re using simple RESTful verbage to grab a list of names from a session store.

You'll need to have the base scripts created in part one to follow along effectively. He picks up right where the previous part ends, creating a new view that uses some simple javascript (jQuery) code to pull the "names" values from his simple JSON endpoint. Also included is an example of a form for adding a new name to the list. The full source for the example can be found over on github.

tagged: json endpoint tutorial screencasts slim microframework


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