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Gaylord Aulke's Blog:
Dumping MemcacheD Content (Keys) with PHP
September 02, 2008 @ 12:58:59

In a recent blog post Gaylord Aulke illustrated a method for dumping the (key) content from a memcached cache in a friendly, formatted way.

When i did some optimization of a cluster based webapp lately, I was wondering how Memcache was speading my cache entries over the cluster. So i did some research for monitoring tools. [...] Inspired by [memcache.php], i wrote a small script that fetches all data from a memcache cluster, gets all keys out of it and then sorts and displays them in a list. Yes it it ugly and yes: the memcacheD is not answering other requests while doing a cachedump.

He includes the 22 line script in the post to spit back the data in a simple array. From there it can be styled whoever you'd like.

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