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SPL Autoload
Nov 14, 2008 @ 15:31:48

On the PHPro.org website, Kevin Waterson has written up an introduction to the handy autoloading functionality that comes with PHP5 releases - the __autoload method from the Standard PHP Library (SPL).

The SPL __autoload() method is one of the Magic Methods supplied in PHP. The __autoload method is called whenever a class is instantiated and will load the classs the the first time it is called. No longer is include(), require, include_once() or require_once needed as the SPL autoload takes care of this interally.

He looks at how you can use it to load a directory of classes, how to use multiple autoloads in a single script and how to use it with interfaces to register a loader and include it as needed.

tagged: spl autoload standardphplibrary tutorial introduction directory register multiple


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