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Raphael Stolt's Blog:
Logging to MongoDb and accessing log collections with Zend_Tool
September 22, 2009 @ 09:49:47

Raphael Stolt has written up a new tutorial looking at connecting the MongoDb document-oriented database with the Zend_Log component of the Zend Framework to push log entries into the database.

I tinkered with the just recently discovered MongoDb and hooked it into the Zend_Log environment by creating a dedicated Zend_Log_Writer. The following post will therefore present a peek at a prototypesque implementation of this writer and show how the afterwards accumulated log entries can be accessed and filtered with a custom Zend_Tool project provider.

He extends the Zend_Log_Writer class to create the interface for the MongoDb and uses the mongo interface for PHP to bridge the gap. The application's INI file and Bootstrap are then modified to add in this new functionality and some example usage code is created both with and without the Zend_Tool tool.

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