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CommonPlaces Blog:
Drupal 7 vs. WordPress 3: Battle of the New Features
Jun 11, 2010 @ 09:58:11

On the CommonPlaces blog today there's a new post from Harry looking at a "battle" that's looming on the horizon between two of the major PHP-based content driven applications - the battle of the new features between WordPress 3 and Drupal 7.

Two highly anticipated CMS releases, Drupal 7.x and WordPress 3.x, are both set to appear in the next month or two. Drupal 7 is currently in Alpha release, but is aiming for a Beta release later this month. WordPress is a little bit ahead, having published a Release Candidate on May 28th. In light of the coincidental (?) timing of these two major releases, let’s take a look at some of the new features in each release, and see which is more exciting for its respective community.

On the Drupal side of things, he mentions updates like usability improvements, a simpler backend for administration, performance and security improvements and a new interface to download and install modules directly from the interface.

The upcoming WordPress version will, by default, include the multi-user support previously available in a separate download, custom post types and a better system for creating and editing navigation menus.

As far as he's concerned, though, of the two applications (CMSes) the upcoming version of Drupal is going to come out on top. It wins in terms of security, power and flexibility.

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