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Shameer's Blog:
An Introduction to Smarty 3
October 07, 2010 @ 11:15:49

On his blog today Shameer has posted an introduction to Smarty 3, the upcoming version of the popular PHP-based templating engine. He talks about some of the improvements that have been made since version 2 in several categories including:

  • plugins
  • file structure
  • variable scope/storage
  • template inheritance
The Smarty 3 API (as of beta 8 ) has been refactored to a syntax geared for consistency and modularity. The Smarty 2 API syntax is still supported, butwill throw a deprecation notice. You can disable the notices, but it is highly recommended to adjust your syntax to Smarty 3, as the Smarty 2 syntax must run through an extra rerouting wrapper.

Code snippets are included for things like the new templating syntax, object handling, assigning variables and working with the inheritance now available.

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