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Alex Hudson's Blog:
A (fond) farewell to Zend Framework
March 26, 2012 @ 09:18:42

In this most recent post to his blog Alex Hudson says a "fond goodbye" to using the Zend Framework for his applications after trying out some of the functionality that's in Zend Framework version 2:

I've been a Zend Framework user for a while. I've been using PHP long enough to appreciate the benefits of a good framework, and developed a number of sophisticated applications using ZF, to have grown a certain fondness for it. [...] That said, I actually don't feel like much of what I'm about to say is unfair, for one simple reason: I have tried to like ZF 2.0. [...] I got quite happy with ZF1, and indeed approached ZF2 with the idea that it would take a similar amount of effort to learn to like it. I have attempted to apply that effort. I have failed.

He goes on to talk about some of the things that he found that he doesn't like about this upcoming version of the framework, including:

  • the lack of an interesting demo to show off what ZF2 can really do
  • the almost "koolaid" approach ZF2 approaches dependency injection with
  • some references to "Java mentality" that seems to be creeping into the framework
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