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Sebastian Göttschkes' Blog:
Testclasses for symfony2
April 13, 2012 @ 11:57:53

Sebastian Göttschkes has a new post to his blog about a set of abstract base testing classes he's developed to help with the functional, unit and validation testing of his Symfony2-based applications.

So, when developing with symfony2, I rely on my tests. They are my safety net and without them, I get a little nervous after every change. Does everything work? Did I forget anything? So I developed some classes which I extend. They work on top of PHPUnit and the symfony2 WebTestCase. The classes are used by my different types of Tests: UnitTests, ValidationTests, FunctionalTests (as well as IntegrationTests).

Code for each type of testing base class is included in the post showing how he extends the based PHPUnit test case for unit testing and the Symfony WebTestCase for validation and functional testing. Each one of the classes are ready to use and give you some handy helper methods too.

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